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  • Co-op £5 frozen meal deal

    Co-op £5 frozen meal deal

    Incl Young's fish fillets & Carte D'Or ice cream

    Co-op is running its '£5 freezer fillers' meal deal, which gets you £11.95-worth of grub for a fiver. To get it, just look for the five specific items below at Co-op stores (find your nearest) by Tue 27 Aug. The offer's running at more than 50% of stores across the country - we've asked for a list of participating locations and will update here as soon as we have that information.

    Make sure to purchase ALL of the following products to get the £5 deal:

    • Young's 2x extra large battered fish fillets (320g)
    • Young's 2x jumbo battered fish cakes (210g)
    • McCain oven chips (750g)
    • Co-op British garden peas (400g)
    • Carte D'Or vanilla ice cream tub (1kg)

    If a specific item is out of stock, Co-op tells us a substitute will be displayed alongside the other items. You'll still get the £5 offer if one or more of your five are specified substitute items.

    Are you a student?

    Thanks to Co-op's 10% student discount, those with a student card can get this deal for £4.50.

    Are you a Co-op member?

    If you've got a Co-op card (membership costs £1), you'll earn back 5% of your spend. That's 25p in this case.

    Peruse our supermarket coupons for more ways to shave down the weekly shopping cost.

    • This offer is subject to availability. To take advantage, you must buy the items listed, or the substitutes as specified by Co-op.

      1,500 of Co-op's 2,600 stores are participating in the offer.

  • Co-op £5 for two pizzas & four beers meal deal

    Co-op £5 for two pizzas & four beers meal deal

    Incl 4-pack of Bud and two sharing pizzas. Norm £11ish

    If you go in store to Co-op you can get a £5 pizza and beer meal deal, which includes two sharing Co-op pizzas (mix and match from margherita or double pepperoni, norm £3.30 each), and a 4-pack of 300ml Budweiser bottles, Coca-Cola, Diet-Coke, or Coca-Cola Zero until Tue 6 Aug – or while stock lasts. Find your nearest store.

    It would normally cost £10.60 if you were to buy these products separately at Co-op, so you'll save £5.60 with this offer and we reckon £5 all-in is decent value.

    Please be Drinkaware.