MoneySaving homemade pet toy ideas

Pet owners know the risks of spending money on a new toy: much like toddlers, our pets are often more interested in the packaging than the gift. The MSE Forum, wise to this phenomenon, have been sharing the free, cheap and homemade playthings their animals favour.

Mine shafts, magistrates & men's shampoo – this week's MSE Forum highlights

With Ofgem's announcement that the Energy Price Cap will drop, the Energy board was abuzz, but even that didn't detract from this week's many other MSE Forum highlights.

Switching, sweet potato and Skye – this week's MSE Forum highlights

With the cheering prospect of lower energy bills on the way, we've got a spring in our step this week as we explore the latest MSE Forum highlights.

Tiles, turps & transport tips – this week's MSE Forum highlights

This week saw another increase in the Bank of England's base rate and the return of the 100% mortgage, as well as a choice selection of MSE Forum highlights.

Nikes, new wave & nemeses – this week's MSE Forum highlights

In case you've been hiding under a rock, there's a bonus bank holiday coming up for the King's Coronation, which means you have a whole extra day to catch up on this week's right royal MSE Forum highlights.