How to cut the cost of TV services

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Stop overpaying for your TV or streaming subscription with our TV guides, including hacks to cut the cost of Netflix and free streaming sites.

We’ll explain whether or not you need a TV licence, tips to pick the right TV package – such as only paying for the channels or content you know you’ll actually watch - and how to get the most out of Freeview. 

If you’re after paid-for Digital TV offers, easily compare and switch to a cheap promo deal or follow our top tips to haggle a new deal if you’d prefer to stick with it. Use our Broadband Unbundled tool to compare the best broadband, TV and line deals.

 It doesn’t just cover mainstream offers from the likes of BT, Sky and Virgin, but often includes exclusive deals we’ve blagged too. Plus if another comparison site has a cracking offer, we'll try to put it in the tool to give you a wider choice.