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From flowers to dine-in deals and champagne – plus a few surprises in between – our Valentine’s Day deals will give you cheap gift ideas in case you're looking for ways to bag a romantic bargain.

Remember, while it's lovely to treat someone, don't be forced into an over-commercialised day. You could always make your loved one a handmade present or simply give them the gift of your time instead.

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FREE personalised gift cheques

As we mentioned above, Valentine’s gifts shouldn't be about how much you've spent. Use our free Valentine’s gift cheques to make your other half a promise straight from the heart – pledge to do something nice (or naughty). Thoughtfulness melts the heart far more than a pricey prezzie. Promise your loved one a massage, brekkie in bed, or dinner.

Dozen red roses in store

We've rounded up some of the cheapest supermarket bouquets below, though remember you can sometimes get good a deal at independent florists and smaller stores across the country. Unfortunately, we can't compare prices for all of them, but it may be worth checking prices elsewhere locally before buying from a supermarket if you can.

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Dozen red roses couriered

WARNING! Things can go wrong with the delivery of flowers, and in the past we’ve featured deals from several floristry firms only to be swamped with sad messages after flowers didn’t arrive or, worse, arrived dying or dead. Hopefully that won’t happen to you, but there’s always a risk, so weigh that up before buying.

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Valentine's dine-in deals

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Cheap champagne & prosecco

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Restaurant & night out deals

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Valentine's cards

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