Valentine's Day 2022 deals

If you're celebrating Valentine's Day this year, we've a bouquet of cheap gift ideas that'll keep the costs low and the romance high.

Romance is lovely, but over-commercialised pressure isn't and there are plenty of free things you can do instead of buying gifts. Why not snuggle up with a movie on Freeview, bake each other special treats or do some virtual stargazing online?

Yet if you are going to spend (there's no need), we've rounded up the top deals below. We'll be updating this page over the next week or so with more free and cheap gift ideas.

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FREE personalised gift cheques

Valentine’s gifts shouldn't be about how much you've spent. Use our free Valentine’s gift cheques to make your other half a promise straight from the heart – pledge to do something nice (or naughty). Thoughtfulness melts the heart far more than a pricey prezzie. Promise your loved one a massage, brekkie in bed, or dinner.

See MSE Jules' blog for other free things to do this Valentine's Day, including virtual star-gazing and a round-up of popular films on TV this weekend. See more in Free and cheap ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day. Plus, for a homemade gift idea, see MSE Rhiannon's 'Fancy chocs were £20 at Fortnum & Mason – so I made my own for £3ish' blog.

Supermarket red roses

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WARNING! Things can go wrong with the delivery of flowers, and in the past we’ve featured deals from several floristry firms only to be swamped with sad messages after flowers didn’t arrive or, worse, arrived dying or dead. Hopefully that won’t happen to you, but there’s always a risk, so weigh that up before buying.


Dozen red roses couriered

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Dine-in meal deals for two

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Valentine's cards

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Cheap things to do and activities

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Cheap prosecco and champagne

These are some of the cheapest prices we see throughout the year for prosecco and champagne. While the very cheapest time is usually during the festive period, many of the prices of the bottles below are the same as they were then, so this can be a corking time to buy.