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  • Cheap Easter egg round-up

    Cheap Easter egg round-up

    Incl £1 small eggs, three large eggs for £10

    If your supermarket shopping basket is normally choc-a-block with eggs at Easter, this one’s for you...

    Here's a round-up of the cheapest big brand Easter egg prices and offers we found on Tue 27 Mar:

    Tesco (find your nearest*)

    • Three for £10* (norm £4 each) on selected large eggs (235g-307g) including Cadbury Twirl, Cadbury Creme Egg, Wispa, Crunchy, Heroes, Terry’s Chocolate Orange, M&M, Nestle Aero, Bounty, Smarties, Mars, Snickers and Double Decker.
    • £1 small eggs* (65g-72g) including Milkybar and Cadbury Dairy Milk.
    • £1.50 medium eggs* (122g-141g) including Mars, Kit Kat Chunky and Aero.

    Morrisons (find your nearest*)

    • Three for £10* (norm £4 each) on selected large eggs (197g-284g) including Cadbury Creme Egg, Cadbury Oreo Large, Lion Bar and Maltesers Teasers.
    • Two for £2* (norm £1.50 each) on selected medium eggs (122g-141g) including Cadbury Mini Eggs, Smarties and Mars.
    • Small egg for 85p* (72g) Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter.

    Asda (find your nearest*)

    • Three for £10* (norm £4 each) on selected large eggs (176g-307g) including Galaxy Minstrels, Maltesers, KitKat Chunky and Cadbury Heroes.
    • £1 medium eggs* (122g-141g) including Cadbury Mini Eggs, Mars, Smarties and Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons.

    Sainsbury's (find your nearest*)

    • £1 small eggs* (65g-80g) including Cadbury Dairy Milk, Maltesers MaltEaster and Milkybar.
    • £1.25 medium eggs* (122g-138g) including Smarties, Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo Faces and Maltesers.
    • £3 large eggs* (248g-282g) including Cadbury Heroes, Celebrations and Galaxy Minstrels.

    Aldi (find your nearest*)

    • Rolo egg - 99p (131g)
    • Smarties egg - 99p (122g)
    • KitKat Chunky egg - 99p (140g)
    • Maltesers Teaser egg - £2.49 (248g)
    • Galaxy Minstrels egg - £2.49 (262g)

    Supermarkets are constantly switching offers, which means these examples could change between now and Easter, so be sure to do your own price comparisons.

  • Asda £5 CHEESE Easter egg

    Asda £5 CHEESE Easter egg

    Includes blue cheese, crackers and caramelised onion chutney

    If you prefer cheese over chocolate, Asda* is offering a £5 cheese Easter egg, or for those who enjoy portmanteaus – a 'Cheester' egg – in stores only (find your nearest*).

    As egg-spected, this has been getting a lot of press and social media coverage so we've had a sniff around to see what we can find out about it, and whether it's good value or a deal that stinks.

    What do you get?

    Well, you don't get a whole egg – it's 172g Blacksticks blue cheese in a half egg-shape. Also in the packet are five mini oatcake crackers and a sachet of caramelised onion chutney.

    Asda £5 cheese Easter egg

    How good value is it?

    At £5, we think it's a bit overpriced, though we suspect if you're going to go for this, then it's probably because you're egg-cited by the quirkiness of it, and less concerned about its value.

    However, you can pick up 150g regular pack of Blacksticks blue cheese for £2 in Asda – that's £13.33 per kg. If the cheese Easter egg was the same value per kg then it would cost about £2.50ish, but at £5 it's £29.07 per kg.

    Of course, you have to factor in the mini crackers, chutney, extra packaging and the novelty factor.

    The cheese egg launched in stores on Fri 16 Mar and is likely to be popular. Asda couldn't tell us how many stores it's still available in, so it may be worth contacting your local store before making a special trip.