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  • Baby products manufacturer Tommee Tippee has issued a safety notice to those using its baby food steam blender, as a faulty blade can scratch the inside of the jug and potentially cause pieces of plastic to enter the baby food being prepared.Tommee Tippee steam blender

    As a precaution, if you've got this steam blender (pictured), you should check the batch number that's etched on the bottom of the machine to make sure it's not affected.

    Tommee Tippee says there is only a problem if the batch code matches any of the following:

    • 0615GY
    • 0815GY
    • 1015GY
    • 0516GY

    If you think you've got one of the affected machines, you should visit the Tommee Tippee website for a full FAQ and instructions on how to request a replacement blade and jug.

    No other batch codes or Tommee Tippee products are thought to be affected.